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Universal Serial Bus Converter
· Use with Keyboard Wedge Scanners
· Use with Keyboard and Mouse
· NEW! MT606-1 Supports Wheel Mouse
· PS/2 and Mac ADB ports
· Powered by PC or Mac
· Connect/Disconnect Without Reboot
· Plug and Play
· No Software Needed

Universal Serial Bus Converter
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The MT606 Series USB Converters provide an easy solution for converting existing peripherals, such as keyboards, pointing devices and barcode scanners, to Universal Serial Bus. Models are available to work with both PS/2 and Macintosh devices. As with all USB devices, the converter can be connected and disconnected without re-booting or powering down the computer. Each model has two ports. The MT606-4 has one PS/2 port and one Macintosh ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) port. The MT606-1 has one PS/2 keyboard port and one PS/2 Mouse port.

The MT606 converter will enable keyboards, pointing devices (mouse, trackball), and conventional barcode scanners with keyboard wedge interfaces, to be used with computers that feature the newer Universal Serial BUS. At present, newer PCs with the Windows® 98, ME and Windows 2000 operating systems, feature USB Ports. The Apple iMac, iBook, G3 and G4 use Universal Serial Bus for interfacing to external devices. The Model MT606-1 can accept inputs from a PS/2 Pointing Device and a PS/2 Keyboard or Barcode Scanner. The MT606-4 can accept inputs from a PS/2 keyboard or barcode scanner and any Macintosh ADB device, including Keyboard, Pointing Device or Barcode Scanner.


Operating Voltage:      5VDC derived from the USB Connector
Operating Temperature:  0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature:   -20°C to 50°C
Dimensions:             2.2" X 1.5" X 0.85"
                        56mmX 40mm X 22mm
Cable Length:           2ft. (55cm.)
Compliance:             FCC Class A, CE

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
MT606-1USB Converter for PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse.$29.95
MT606-4USB Converter for PS/2 Barcode Scanner and Macintosh ADB Scanner, keyboard or mouse.$29.95

Universal Serial Bus Converter