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KVM Switch
· Share 2 ADC computers 1 ADC console.
· Supports all 15,17, and 22-inch Apple ADC.
·Computer selection via push button switch.
· Mac OS 8.6 & higher.
· Windows 98 & higher with optional apt.
· LED Display for easy status monitoring.
·2 Integrated Cables Included.
· Up to 1600 x 1024 resolution.

 Discontinued Item
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The Model ACS-1602 Master View ADC KVM is a two port control unit that allows access to Mac systems equipped with ADC connectors or PCs with a DVI-to-ADC adapter, from a single ADC console (Apple Pro mouse, and ADC flat-panel display).

ADC, or the Apple Display Connector, is a digital connection proprietary to Apple Computer. Apple's expansive range of Cinema and Studio flat panel displays utilize the ADC connector interface to manage the connection to the latest Apple Mac systems. The convenient all-in-one ADC KVM cable carries digital video, power and USB signals. No more desktop clutter with separate USB and powercables.


PC Connections          2
PC Selection            Push Button Switch
Connector  PC           2 x ADC-35 (F)
           Console      1 x ADC-35 (F)
LED        On Line      2 x Orange @ top
           Selected     2 x Green @ top			 
Operating Temperature:  0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature:    -20°C to 50°C
Dimensions:             145mmX 103mm X 26mm


Part NumberDescriptionPrice
ACS-1602 2 Port ADC KVM Switch $159.95
Custom Sensors Inc