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Optics Assemblies - CC Series


Designed Card Reader Applications
Contains Optics and Signal Conditioning
Reads High and Medium Density Codes
Visible or Infrared Light Source
Elliptical Viewing Area
Requires Single 5 Volt Power Supply

Barcode Scanner

These two optics modules were designed for OEMs that wish to incorporate a barcode card reader into their product. They provide the required optics and signal conditioning. The two models differ only in their mechanical configuration. Both consist of an optical assembly mounted on a printed circuit board that contains the signal conditioning electronics. They can be furnished with either visible red or infrared light sources. The output can be configured as either TTL or open collector.

Equipment manufacturers that wish to integrate a barcode card reader into their product will want to consider using the CC Series units to perform the optical and signal conditioning functions. These units are designed to read high and medium density barcodes. The visible red light source is used in most applications. It can read codes where the bars are printed in black, or other colors, except red. Infrared units are used in high visible ambient light conditions, in photographic applications where film may be fogged by visible light, or in situations where infrared transparent films are placed over the barcode for security reasons. The output is compatible with most barcode decoders, including the Custom Sensors DA and DB Series.


  Power:	    +5VDC @ 30 mA. max.(visible)
                    60 mA. max. (infrared)
                    Noise and ripple < 50mV p-p
  Output:	    TTL logic level (bar=+) or Open Collector
		    to switch up tp 30 VDC.

  Viewing Area:	    Elliptical spot 0.01" X 0.08"
		    Long axis parallel to bars.

For a code with a 0.01" wide small bar or space:
  Operating Range:  0.25" ± 0.125" from front surface.
  Scan Speed:	    6 to 60 inches per second.

  Visible models:   Peak output 617nM ±2%
  Infrared models:  Peak output 880nM ±2%

  Temperature:      Operating: 0 to 50°C
		    Storage:   -40 to 50°C

The part numbers always consist of seven characters. The chart below shows the significance of each digit.
Part Numbers

Model 1
Model 2

Common variations include: ellipse rotated 90°, analog output, along with cable and connectors furnished to customer specification.

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