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4 Port KVMP / 2 Port USB Hub including 4 Cables (2 x 2L-5301U and 2 x 2L-5302U)

Order OnLine $189.95
Or Call 315-252-3741
8AM to 5PM Eastern

Picture of Cable

· One console controls 4 computers and two additional USB 1.1 devices
· Capable of independent (asynchronous) switching of KVM and peripheral USB ports
· Dual interface - supports computers with PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice
· Easy installation - no software required
· Computer selection via front panel switches or Hotkeys
· Supports PC, Mac, and Sun systems
· Superior video quality; 2048 x 1536; DDC2B
· Fully compliant with USB 1.1 specification
· Firmware upgradable for life
· Hi Tech Pure USB KVMP Switch. No PS/2 to USB Conversion!
· Audio enabled


PC Connection 4
CPU Port Selection Pushbutton Switch / Hot Keys
USB Port Selection Hot Keys
LEDs On Line 4 Orange
USB Link 4 Green
Connectors Keyboard 1 x USB Type A
Mouse 1 x USB Type A
Video 1 HDB-15 Female (Std. VGA/SVGA)-Console
Audio 1 x Stereo Speaker Jack
1 x Microphone Jack
CPU Connectors KVM Data 4 x SPDB-15 female
Audio 4 x Stereo Speaker Jacks
4 x Microphone Jacks
USB Peripherals 2 x USB Type A
Firmware Upgrade 1 x RJ11
VGA Resolution 2048 x 1536 (Max.); DDC2B
Power Adapter 1 DC 5V Jack
Power Consumption Self Powered
Scan Interval 5 sec.
Housing Metal
Weight 700 g
Dimensions 200 x 745 x 42 mm (L x W x H)
Cables Included 2 x 2L-5301U (1.2m) and 2 x 2L-5302U (1.8m)
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
CS-1734C 4 Port KVMP / 2 Port USB Hub including 4 Cables $189.95
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