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Barcode Help Page

Welcome to the Barcode Help Page. We've taken a four step approach to help you answer your question about barcode technology. We've recently added the search feature. If you get any strange results with it, please let us know. Otherwise, just follow the four steps to get to your solution.
Barcode Scanner Are you new to barcode technology? Maybe it's best to Start Here on our Beginner's Barcode Pages.
Barcode Scanner Do a Keyword Search of This Site:
Enter a single keyword or combine keywords with and.
Example1: UPC Example 2: UPC and Code Example 3: Code and 39

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Barcode Scanner

Look at some questions we've already answered. These Pages list common questions about barcodes. We've tried to divide them into categories to make things easier.

Barcode Scanner

If you don't get satiafactory results from Steps 1 thru 3 then Ask US your question. We'll be glad to get back to you by return e-mail.

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