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USB Add in Card
· Supports Both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
· For Windows 98SE, ME, XP & 2000
· 4 External Type A USB Ports
· 1 Internal Type A USB Port
· PCI Bus Plug-in Card

Order OnLine $41.95
Or Call 315-252-3741
8AM to 5PM Eastern
Picture of IC-250U

The Model IC-250U is a PCI Bus USB 2.0 add-in card. It supports both the lower speed USB 1.1, used by most USB devices, and the newer high speed USB 2.0. It can be used to add USB capability to a PC without it, or add USB 2.0 capability to a PC that has USB 1.1. USB 2.0 drivers are furnished for Windows 98SE, ME and 2000. Windows XP has native USB 2.0 support. The card contains five Type A connectors. Four of the connectors are external. Can be used on PCs containing Pentium II 266MHz. (or equivalent) or better.


Part NumberDescriptionPrice
IC-250UUSB Add-in Card $41.95
Custom Sensors Inc