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What is BookLand Code? How does it represent a book's ISBN and price?

The UPC or Uniform Product Code is the code used for retail sales in the United States. It is basically a 12 digit code. The first digit indicates the type of product (0, 6 and 7 = retail, 3 = pharmaceutical, 5 = cupons, etc.), The next five digits are the manufacturers number ( tells who manufactured the product ), the next five digits identify the specific product from that manufacturer and the last digit is a check character. Many times the first and last digits are not printed below the code symbol.

EAN Code (European Article Numbering) is the European version of UPC Code. It contains an extra digit, (13 digits total) which, combined with the next digit, forms a two digit country code. Otherwise it is the same as UPC. ISBN (International Standard Book Number) identification is encoded on books using EAN code rather than UPC. This code is sometimes called BookLand. It consists if the ISBN number preceeded by the characters 978.

Both UPC and EAN can have supplemental codes attached to them. These codes are either 2 or 5 digits long. They appear as a separate code to the right of the primary symbol and the bars are usually printed slightly shorter to set them apart from the rest of the code. The five digit codes are usually used to encode pricing information. BookLand uses a 5 digit supplemental code. Here's an example of a complete BookLand code:

For a book with an ISBN number of 1-56884-330-5 and a price of $29.95, the code would be 9781568843308 for the main EAN code and 52995 for the supplemental code. Notice that the price is always preceded by a five in the supplemental code. Notice also that the last character in the ISBN number, the five, is not included. This number is actually a check digit, and its value is based on the other numbers in the ISBN. The last character in the main EAN code, the eight, is the barcode's check digit.

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