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Some General Barcode Questions We've Already Answered.

Printing Barcodes:
How do I get barcode Labels Printed?
What is meant by code density or X-Dimension?
How do I calculate a Modulo 10 check character?
I'm writing my own program and want to incorporate barcode printing. Is there source code available?
Can I use barcode fonts to print barcodes? Where do I get them?

Specific Barcode Types:
What type of code should I use in my application? There seem to be so many!
What is the story on these new 2 Dimensional Barcodes?"
What is the barcode that the Post Office uses on letters?
What is BookLand Code? How does it represent a book's ISBN and price?
Where can I get specifications for the various barcodes?

Barcode Scanners:
Why do some scanners have red light sources, while others are Infrared?
Are all barcode scanners laser scanners?
How are barcodes read and decoded?
Do I have to have a different decoder for each type of barcode?

Scanner Communications:
How do I use the barcode information once it is decoded?
How can I enter barcode data into an application on my PC, using a scanner with an RS-232 Interface?

Barcode Systems:
Can I buy a "package" to barcode my inventory, shipping and receiving functions?

Getting A Barcode for a Product You're Going to Sell.
Where do I get the code?
The Unofficial UPC Database?
How the UPC Code Works!
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